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GPVPN is the first free android application in the world to use SSTP VPN technology. This is an extremely secure VPN technology that keeps your connections secure and encrypted. GPVPN helps you bypass most firewalls, which help you always have safe internet access anywhere in the world.

Most especially, we support users in China who cannot access international services to serve the needs of work, study, travel, … due to being blocked by the firewall. With GPVPN, we will help you to solve this problem.

GPVPN all features:

  • + 150+ nodes, 1500+ servers in the world.

  • + 100% free VPN service, no credit information required.

  • + Free accounts can use all of GPVPN’s servers.

  • + Fast VPN without registration.

  • + One tap to set up fast & stable connection for you.

  • + No traffic limits. Best optimized for gaming, speed up your network when you are playing games (ping booster).

  • + Extremely secure with SSTP technology.

  • + Compatibility with any connections type.

  • + Bypassing lockdowns introduced by your ISP.

  • + Bypassing regional restrictions introduced by firewalls at school, offices, ….

  • + Getting access to the following blocked websites.

  • + Provides anonymous access to websites and apps.

  • + Compatible with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data carriers.

  • + Intelligent ping analysis system.

  • + System of advertising features to increase usage time is very fair and pleasant.

  • + Using the Application Tunneling feature completely free without having to buy a premium (other services have to pay to use this feature). It help you specify which application to use VPN.

    + Smart server list filtering features.

  • + 1 account can be used for both PC and mobile platforms.

  • ….

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